5 tips for beautiful landscape photos

Whether you are travelling or going for a walk – it is always a good opportunity to take beautiful landscape photos to remember. However, we are not all professional photographers, so sometimes it is not easy to take beautiful photos. Capturing the beauty of the landscape in a picture is a real art!

Of course, a good camera can guarantee success, but you can also take excellent photos with your mobile phone. We’ll give you five tips on how to create beautiful landscapes, regardless of your camera or mobile phone.

1. find the right place

A beautiful place is a good prerequisite for a beautiful photo. But also pay attention to your surroundings. Every detail is important. Stay calm to enjoy the view and take in the surroundings. Change location to find the best position for the shot. So our first tip is: only if you move will you find the best viewing angle! A beautiful photo is no coincidence. For example, lie down in the grass or climb a rocky outcrop to get a different perspective.

2. the camera setting

The composition, i.e. the way the individual elements in your photo are built up, is an essential prerequisite for a successful photo. If you change position to find the right angle, don’t forget to adjust the depth of field and make sure that the composition of all elements is consistent.

  1. You can also direct the view to the right point through the image composition!
  2. To add depth to your photo, play with the blur and use your camera’s adjustment options.
  3. By the way, this is a very good way to direct the eye where you want it to be.
Picture from panoramaLEINWAND

3. dealing with the light

Outside there is no possibility of artificial lighting! We are therefore dependent on the weather conditions. However, lack of light or too much light should not be an obstacle. It is up to you to use the different light tones in such a way that the individual elements of the landscape are highlighted. It is generally recommended to take photos at the beginning or end of the day when the light is warm and more colourful.

4. no fear of the weather

When you travel, you can’t necessarily predict the weather. The trick is to take advantage of the weather to make the most of the landscape!

A few clouds can enhance certain colours, an orange sky can create impressive moods, and the sun, which shines again after a rain, produces clear light … Every change in the weather gives you the chance to take extraordinary photos! Take advantage of these opportunities.

5. editing the photos

Once the photos are taken, you can edit them to improve them: this is called post-processing! With software on your computer or an app on your smartphone, you can make some adjustments such as playing with brightness, correcting colors, sharpening photos, or removing noise.

And you nibble the dried cranberries, rhubarb bars, and apricots from your Active Mix pack. You’ll enjoy these adjustments, and you’ll end up with an even more expressive landscape photo!

Are you ready to take beautiful landscape photos?!